“Starting lessons with you is one of the
best things that has ever happened to me.”

Incredible voice expertise of Izabela Adams has been confirmed and reinforced throughout the medical, speech and vocal community. I am honored and privileged to be a student who is offered such high standards of vocal training.

Kathy H. – adult voice student

I highly recommend Izabela. I am a mature male reluctant to try something new, and Izabela made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She is highly experienced and knowledgeable in her craft. Unfortunately, because of my challenging schedule, I could not continue but if I could return, I would come back to Izabela. Thank You, Izabela for your kindness and teachings.

Christopher S. – adult voice student


LOVE the professional, individualized teaching! The genuine concern for each student is unsurpassable. The quality is immeasurable and the creativity is extraordinary. All around great teachers, great environment! A+

Dee M. – mother of a voice and piano student


My son Jason started taking drum lessons with Tom Adams in 2009 when he was five years old. Jason has always loved working with Tom because from the beginning, Tom’s approach to teaching has been very flexible. He has let Jason’s interests dictate his lessons, his first priority being just to instill a love for music. Tom seems knowledgeable about many different types of music and drumming techniques and I’m confident that he would be able to guide Jason in many different directions. Tom is very personable and works especially well with kids. Our whole family has a great relationship with him as he has taken time to get to know each of us.

Tina S. – mother of a drum student


Izabela, your school is wonderful and your love for sharing your gifts are wonderful, may you continue to inspire others to develop their gifts and talents!

Kim W. – adult piano student


My son showed an interest in music at a very early age and has an incredible ear.  We decided to take him to the Adams Music Conservatory where he was assigned to Jeremy Sweet as his piano teacher.  Let me just say that for the past several years Jeremy has not only elevated our son’s ability three-fold, but has also instilled in him proper technique and a foundation in music that will only help him grow more in the future. Not only is he professional and courteous, he is also very patient and knows how to have fun, which are two main ingredients you need to have when dealing with kids. My son looks forward to every class with excitement and anticipation for the next new thing he will learn. Jeremy Sweet is a perfect fit for our family and I highly recommend him for yours.

Brian D. – father of a piano student


As an older student without a background in music, I was very nervous about attempting the guitar.  Vince established a comfortable learning environment from the first lesson.  He combines an extensive knowledge base with a sense of humor and down to earth approach.  The effect of his style is that I am able to take the risks that allow for growth and skill development.  Most importantly, I enjoy and look forward to each lesson!

Thomas M. – guitar student


Tom Adams is an outstanding teacher and person. He gives his students devotion, time and patience. Tom makes learning an instrument a fun and rewarding experience. His approach to learning is always uplifting and exciting. We have been with Tom for over 4 years and he is truly someone my son looks up to and shares aspects of his life with. He is truly not only a great teacher but the kind of person you only meet once in a lifetime. I would highly recommend him to anyone despite any obstacles you might have in life -Tom Adams can always find a way to teach and guide you. We are lucky to say we have meet someone as special as Tom!

Lisa B. – mother of a drum student


Dear Miss Izabela,

This past year I was struggling  a lot with my voice and I want to thank you for all your compassion and support during this tough time.

Thank you for giving me back my confidence and helping me win this weekend at the Singing Competition!


Gina Lee C. – voice student 


Dear Miss Izabela,

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me these past two years. You really have gone above and beyond to help me pursue my passion for music. I have learned so much from you. I know that I would not be where I am today without your help and encouragement.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the opportunities you have given me, and for standing by me even when I stumble and make mistakes.

Starting lessons with you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Thanks again,

Caitlin S. – voice student; College Student: Music Education Major at Westminster College


I’ve taken piano lessons with several people throughout my life, and I want you to know that Jeremy Sweet is, by far, the best piano teacher I ever had. Not only does he excel at teaching, but playing as well. Also, he’s kind, upbeat, enthusiastic and goal oriented. He has a lot of faith in my playing ability, which I desperately needed when I didn’t.

Thank you.

Nancy S. – piano student


Dear Izabela and Tom,

Thank you both so much for the past three years of helping me mature my musical abilities. I hope to become a teacher like you two, who cares about his students as much as his music. You have both helped me so much with both music and as a person. Thank you so much for everything you have done in my life!

With unending appreciation and warmest thanks.

Ian D. – College student; Music Education Major


Hi Izabela and Tom,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for such an enjoyable concert on Saturday. It was great to hear the bands play because it has been awhile. As a high school teacher I think it is amazing that you have found a group of teenagers who will work on the weekends to develop a “band”; it is a great group of kids. I think all of the performers did a wonderful job. I also wanted to compliment both of you because you have such a wonderful way of dealing with the students of all ages, abilities, and “stage fright”.

Upon hearing Katherine sing on Saturday, her grandparents were impressed by the growth she has made both vocally and with her stage presence. I too am so pleased with how this past year has gone for Katherine with the experiences she has shared with you. Not only are you both an inspiration to her as she continues to pursue singing but her attachment to you is very special. Thank you for all that you have done to encourage Katherine. I know owning your own business and being parents is overwhelming at times but your dedication to the kids is evident.


Kimberly B. – mother of a voice student


Dear Adams Family,

Thank you both so much for everything you have done for me. I feel I have grown both as a singer and as a Person while working with you. I am going to miss the days I spent with you.

Lot’s of Love,

Katherine B. – high school student