Meet Izabela Adams

” Not only are you an inspiration to my daughter, as she continues to pursue singing, but her attachment to you is very special.”

meet-izabela-adamsSpeech Level Singing Certified Teacher
Member of Music Teachers National Association,
The Voice Foundation, NATS,
Mid Atlantic Music Teachers Guild Board and MSBA.

Izabela Adams was born and raised in Poland. Her music education began when she was 7 years old as she attended her first year of elementary musical school. That was the beginning of what would become years of study in piano and music theory. In musical high school Izabela took four years of classical voice training (her major) as she pursued her musical education and career. Izabela has this to say about her early music training: “Singing was always my passion; as a young girl I studied piano in Poland but in high school I decided that voice would be my major. Being Classically trained for several years I always looked for a better ways to produce and improve my voice.”

Earning the title “Musician-Vocalist”; she began her professional experience. First stop was teaching general music in a Polish public school. Izabela also conducted large, nationally recognized vocal-dance groups for kids from five to sixteen years old. She also managed to conduct a children’s choir, keyboard classes, and private piano & voice lessons.  “Over the years my enthusiasm for singing grew as I explored different styles and genres. I went through years of learning and teaching the “traditional way” with a great deal of frustration, knowing that there must be a better way.”

Her band experience took her to other countries where she earned a living playing original music and cover tunes! In the States she increased her musical education and began teaching private piano, voice and theory classes. Upon discovering the SLS method, Izabela found what she had been looking for: “Few years ago I discovered Speech Level Singing, the technique that could help me and my students increasingly improve vocal skills with minimum effort. I was “sold” from the moment I noticed my own improvements and suddenly years of frustration were corrected in minutes! Suddenly it all made sense.”

withSethRiggs-2012“After more than 10 years of teaching I decided to begin my Speech Level Singing study and become a Certified Instructor. Currently, I am the only Certified Speech Level Singing instructor in the Delaware Valley. I am most proud of my personal training from SLS founder Seth Riggs and the highly regarded SLS Master Instructors; Greg Enriquez, Jeffrey Skouson and Linda Tomkinson.”

“Working with Mr. Riggs and knowing he has worked with such greats as: Madonna, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, Liza Minelli, Bette Midler, Ray Charles, Luther Vandross, and countless other famous Hollywood, Broadway and opera stars, feels truly unbelievable. Even more exciting is that I can share the knowledge and wisdom that I gain from him with all of my students!”

Today Izabela is the proud owner and operator of The Voice Studios LLC and is making her dreams come true!