“I feel I have grown both as a singer and
as a person while working with you.”

“Common Sense Singing” Workshop

September 29-30th, 2018


“Early Bird” including 30′ voice lesson w/Greg,first 8 students

Full Payment by 9/20 not including voice lesson

Payment Plan Option


8-week Intensive Class – “Vocal Technique and Performance”

workshopsA unique combination of singing technique instruction and performance coaching with a Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor.

LEVEL I: Introduction to vocal technique and performance
LEVEL II: Application of technique and performance skills using advanced methods.

Contents of Class:
The singers will work on songs of their choice in solo performances accompanied by instrumental tracks:

  • developing a healthy and effective singing technique
  • application of technique on songs
  • style coaching (lyric and melody interpretation, phrasing)
  • performance coaching (mic technique, stage presence, projection to the audience)
  • intro to studio recording (one song will be recorded in a professional recording studio)
  • building confidence
  • each Student will work on vocal technique and solo performance skills in a supportive and positive environment
2013 Los Angeles, CA International Bootcamp Crew!

2013 Los Angeles, CA International Bootcamp Crew!