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“This past year I was struggling  a lot with my voice and I want to thank you for all your compassion and support during this tough time.”


Discover the secrets to vocal freedom and artistic vision. Izabela Adams is one of New Jersey’s most dynamic and cutting-edge vocal teachers, utilizing the revolutionary Speech Level Singing™ Technique!

The SLS™ method is currently used by more than 150 Grammy winners.

Izabela Adams specializes in improving voice quality at all levels for all ages & genres! Whether you’re a full-time, gigging musician, a Karaoke champ, an actor or a choir member, getting vocal training with proper technique will make singing or speaking much more easy & fun! Start today – discover your authentic voice, learn to sing through your “bridges” effortlessly to develop a vibrant, powerful sound.  Keep your style and personality while you improve your voice!

The Studio is located on 6 East Main Street in Maple Shade, NJ, just minutes away from Philadelphia, PA. Voice lesson at  The Voice Studios aim to unlock the true potential of each singer.  SLS™ is proven to increase the flexibility and range of your voice, while smoothing out breaks, cracks or flips, and ultimately building strength, stamina, and a balanced tone leading to a profoundly improved vocal product. Speech Level Singing™ is the only vocal method that delivers immediate results using proven physiological knowledge that works with the natural mechanics of the human voice.

Izabela is experienced in working with singers ranging from amateurs to established professionals. Helping vocalists’ discover their true voice is her passion.

“My goal is to get the best out of my student’s voice – to provide them with the skills and understanding needed to keep their voice healthy, balanced, strong and connected.” “I enable my students to sing at their optimum level.”

If you have never had a voice lesson before then you may not know what to expect. Typically, a lesson session begins with an assessment of your voice followed by a lesson plan tailored specifically to your individual voice using the Speech Level Singing Technique. In the first half of the lesson the focus is vocal technique; you will be taken through various vowel/consonant scale exercises that are suited to your particular voice type. In the second half of the lesson, the learned technique is applied to a song of your choice.

One hour lessons compose 50 minutes of teaching time with a ten minute round up and discussion.

studio-2Forty-five minute lessons compose 40 minutes of teaching time with a five minute round up and discussion.

Half-hour lessons compose 25 minutes of teaching time with a five minute round up and discussion.

All lessons are recorded. Please bring a USB memory stick if you would like a copy of your recorded lesson or you can use your own recording device.

Lessons are available in our Maple Shade, New Jersey studio or on-line via Skype or FaceTime.
skype_lessons(see Video Lessons below).

Video Lessons- perfect for interstate or international lessons in the comfort of your own home. High Speed internet connection and webcam required or phone with FaceTime or Skype application.

Lessons are offered to students who wished to be enrolled weekly, on a month-to-month basis or to students enrolled on an “as needed” basis. 

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