Annual Winter Concert

Date: Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Location: Jacobs Music Recital Hall

1409 Rt. 70 East

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

The Annual Winter Concert is FREE to our students, their parents, siblings, family and friends.

Performance times and groups. Please note:

Student groups are not representing order of performance. 


12:00pm GROUP A

Madison Dempsey – guitar

Lauren Kennedy – voice

Gabriel Bracy – drums

Daniel Bennet – piano

Brian Gallo – drums

Lashara Collins – voice

Liam Finn – guitar

Natalia Albertini – voice

Joe Diets – drums

Bill Dietz – drums

Jordan Budney – voice

Ashley Atherholt – piano

Alisha Desai – voice

Jacob Leechong – Joshua Leechong (guitar/drum duet)

Jenna Venton – voice

Jacob Leechong – guitar

Shakyra Ellington – voice

Joshua Leechong – voice


1:30pm GROUP B

Michael Brown – drums

Dean Cole De Vera – guitar

Madison Maiorini – voice

Rober Les – drums

Richard Busch – guitar

Jola DaSilva – voice

Linda Martin – voice

Joshua Leechong – piano

Nora Eginbas – piano

Denis Eginbas – drums

Joshua and Jacob Leechong – drums/guitar duet

Ethan Szczepanek – piano

Colin McGranaghan – piano

Heather McCalla – voice

Emily Locke – piano

Jacob Leechong – piano

Promise O’Neal – piano